Why Little Stream

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Our Values

Our core values define the way we operate and the way we make our decisions.
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Our Safety & Security

The safety of our students is our top priority.
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Our Facility

Our classrooms, facilities, playgrounds and outdoor areas follow the best practices in physical development and adhere to the highest possible safety standards.
Child's Play Nursery

Our Team

Each member of our team is dedicated to the well-being, happiness, and safety of our students.
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Our Curriculum

The first STEAM-based early childhood education curriculum of its kind in the region.

Our Languages

Little Stream offers 3 languages as part of our curriculum, and we have introduced a new Baby Arabia - Arabic Immersion Program.

About Little Stream

Little Stream is a family-run boutique nursery, owned and managed by an educator and a mother of two lovely children. With a close-knit team of dedicated and qualified early childhood specialists, we make sure our families feel like they belong to a community, a family, a story. We do what we do because we believe in the power of a child’s mind. We make their formative years a safe, yet exciting journey and we enjoy it with them along the way.

Our Classes

$12 /month


We provide a nurturing environment with a focus on healthy social and emotional interaction, motor skills, and sign language.
45 days to 1 Year
6 Per Class
1:3 Ratio
Free /month


We focus on social skills, motor control, independence, problem solving and thinking skills, as well as second languages (Arabic and French) through our play-based STREAM curriculum
1-2 Years
15 Per Class
1:4 Ratio
$23 /month

Pre-K Students

We continue to focus on the development of problem solving and thinking skills, language and reading skills, everyday numeracy skills through our STREAM curriculum
2-3 Years
18 Per Class
1:5 Ratio
$12 /month


We continue to develop problem-solving and thinking skills with an increased focus on school readiness.
3-4 Years
18 Per Class
1:5 Ratio


“ My son, Miron, has begun his nursery experience in October 2017. And I believe we made a great choice when chose Little Stream Nursery. He become more confident, his English is improved, he found good friends and got a lot of new information. Thank you! Wish you had FS2!"
Svetlana, Miron's Mother
“ Zoya has enjoyed the experience. She has a good time here.We are very happy with personal attention and care given.Thank you so much"
Falguni, Zoya's Parents
“ Although Ali hasn’t been in the nursery for a long time, I can say without a doubt he enjoyed his time here very much! He learned a lot and made lots of friends. The staff and teachers have been very welcoming and very caring, it didn’t take him long to adjust, pretty soon the nursery felt like a second home. I would like to thank all who have helped Ali settle down and created a friendly environment for him. Especially Ms Katrina, she has been very gentle and patient and loving. We will miss this place!"
Mai, Ali's Mother
“ Amazing! The best thing about it that they love coming here and they love their teachers."
Carlos, Parents

News & Events

Baby Arabia - Arabic Immersion Program

Introducing the first Baby Arabia- Arabic Immersion Program that incorporates the Stream curriculum with greater exposure to Arabic.
Winter Camp
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