Our Facility

Play School in Dubai

Our Facility ​

At Little Stream Nursery, we have created an environment that stimulates a love of learning and encourages physical and social development. Our nursery makes our students feel safe, comfortable, and excited to come in every day. We provide facilities that allow students to become young explorers: discovering their interests and learning organically from their experiences. The space will be age-appropriate, bright, and designed to empower our students and keep their creative juices flowing.

As part of our socially conscious curriculum, we teach our students to be environmentally aware and as such, we also reflect this philosophy in our space. We maximize natural light to minimize our carbon footprint. We use child-friendly lead-free paints, clean our space with eco-cleaning products to minimize the presence of chemicals and fumes, and recycle all our waste.

Outdoor Facilities

The wonderful weather for most of the year allows our students to play and enjoy the outdoors. Our outdoor play area offers a range of fun equipment to promote the students’ gross motor skills development.

  • Main Playground
    • Built in trampoline
    • Play structure
    • Climbing wall and hill
    • Wobbly bridge
    • Outdoor story time gazebo
  • Messy Outdoor Area
    • Water play area
    • Mud kitchen
    • Sand pit
    • Art Area
    • Gardening area
  • Bicycle track

30mm rubber flooring is installed to keep bumps and bruises to an absolute minimum. While parents are encouraged to put sunscreen on their children every day, our outdoor play areas are covered to protect children from harmful UV rays.

Indoor Facilities

The desert heat in the summer months confine our students indoors but that does not mean that the fun stops. Our indoor facilities are equally exciting fitted with slides, role-play equipment, a wall-climbing unit, and more.

  • Natural, energizing sunlight streaming in from our large windows
  • Classrooms
  • Central Play Area
  • Role Play Area
  • Library
  • Sleeping room
  • Reception
  • Clinic