Lunch Box Packing

Lunch Box Packing
21st December 2019

A lot of thought goes into a child’s nutrition as it ultimately builds towards their health and development.

Children need their fiber, protein, vitamins and other nutrient-dense foods on a daily basis. Although, there’s always a hassle about the contents of their school lunch packs as there is a limitation in the preparation time, and the focus of providing an all round hearty diet can get stressful.

With these simple tips you can catch a breath and feel more composed when you’re packing those lunch bags for your little ones!

:Have a lunch box with 3 or 4 sections
:Fill one section with fruits your kids love. Ensure to cut the fruits into small pieces so that it;s easily edible for infants.
:Pack some cut veggies like cucumbers, carrots, peppers etc
:You can have a choice sandwich like zaatar sandwich, cheese sandwich etc
:Hot meal for lunch can be packed in a warm thermal container, as it preserves heat for 7 hours.