Baby Sign Language
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Blossom Nursery

We provide a nurturing environment with a focus on healthy social and emotional interaction, motor skills, and sign language.

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Parent Communication

  • Diaper changes
  • Nap duration and time
  • Tracking consumption of food and milk
  • Development milestones
  • Photos
Baby Sign Language


  • Social and emotional interaction
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Baby sign language
  • Language acquisition
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    • Daily cleaning of toys, resources and classrooms
    • Shoe-free environment
    • Quarterly deep cleansing of facility
    • Sterilizing of baby bottles after each use
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    Our staff clean the classroom and resources on a daily
    basis using non-toxic cleaning products such as tea tree oil to clean the classrooms, and we hire a company to deep clean the facility once every term. 

    We have CCTV cameras installed in all classes and
    common areas indoors and outdoors.

    You may ask to see CCTV footage in case of any incident,
    but we are not allowed to give access of the CCTV to
    anyone outside of management.

    We use a communication platform called Parent, where you will receive daily updates on your child’s progress.

    Our nursery is a nut free & sugar free environment. We take allergies very seriously and each teacher keeps an allergy list for all her students. There is a school nurse at all times ready to handle any emergencies

    You can visit us at the nursery and fill the registration forms, or we can email you the forms and you can send them in. Enrollment will not be complete until you pay the registration fee of 1,000 AED.

    Online Registration

    We will respond right away and will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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