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  • Baby Arabia & Little Stream Nursery are collaborating to introduce the first Baby Arabia- Arabic Immersion Program that incorporates the Stream curriculum with greater exposure to Arabic.
  • We have noticed that Arab children are speaking less and less Arabic these days and we believe that it is crucial to expose our children to the Arabic language at a young age, so that they can pick up the language through play and not only through academics. It will be delivered in a combination of Modern Standard and Levantine Arabic.
  • Our approach will be to encourage the children to use the language and expand their everyday vocabulary implementing the STREAM curriculum. The teaching method will incorporate the learning through play pedagogy.
  • Children will follow the daily routine at LSN from yoga to circle time in Arabic. As the program runs from drop off to pick up, 8am till 1pm, the children will have a greater opportunity to absorb the Arabic language in a more consistent learning environment.
  • Get in touch with us to learn more about this unique program.
  • Spaces are limited
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Program Details

Starting Date :  September 9th 2019
Time :   8am-1pm
Day : Every Monday ONLY
Age : Above 2 years old

Minimum of 7 registrations to conduct a class.

Open to children not registered at Little Stream Nursery

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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Language immersion is a method of teaching a target language through communicating only in that language and it is the most effective means of learning an additional language.

This program therefore allows the children to spend a high percentage of their day exposed to and speaking the target language.

In the first 10 years of a child’s life, the ability to learn new languages is limitless. Studies show that the more you give children to learn, the more they will acquire. The frequent use of the language being used in immersion programs is much higher than in a traditional class and this increases the opportunity to absorb the language.

No. At this age, a child is capable of learning several different languages fluently.

Although your child may be frustrated at first, they will quickly adapt to the new language. The teacher will use exaggerated hand motions and facial expressions to help the children understand what is being said. For the most part, your child’s classmates will be in the same situation and will need just as much help understanding. Within the first week of school your child will begin to understand common phrases that the teacher says.

Many parents enroll in a language class, unfortunately this is not effective because your child is likely to surpass your ability within the first few months of school. Families should be supportive of the program by encouraging language habits and providing materials in the target language to play with at home.

No, this program is offered once a week and is open to children outside Little Stream.
No, this program runs for the length of an academic term, and you have to sign up for the entire term.

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