5 Indoor Summer Activities

5 Indoor Summer Activities
19th September 2019

1. DIY Lazer Maze Kids Activity

You just need some a roll of crepe paper and some masking tape. Your kids will go crazy designing mazes and working their own way through them.

2. Game with Color Walk

Get your kids off the couch and exercise with his jumping game. Have a stack of paper with different colors lay down in a path all through the house. Keep colors separate. Kids will be enjoyable to challenge various jumping patterns. Say, can she make it from one end of the house to the other just by stepping on certain colors?

3. Laundry Basket Boats

Grab the laundry basket as a boat and use the cardboard and broomstick as the paddles and ship off! Your kids will have more fun when travelling with this boat.

4. Sink or Float

This basic science experiment is perfect for schoolers or makes for an exciting indoor activity for toddlers. And bonus, it uses water- which is perfect on a hot summer day. Fill the sink, tub or plasticware bin with cool water. Pick a waterproof items, predict if the objects will sink or float and then toss them in observe what happens and record the data

5. Make sensory bottles

This is one of the easiest indoor activities to try. And this sensory play idea is one that lasts for more than just one day. Fill an old plastic bottle part- way up with water. Add sparkles, colorful craft sand or anything else your child wants. Drip a drop of food coloring in and pour a splash of baby oil into the mix. Close the bottle, seal the top with tape and shake to watch what happens.