5 Back to School Tips for Your Toddler

5 Back to School Tips for Your Toddler
18th September 2019
Hello Moms and Dads, Welcome back! We hope you have had a fun and enjoyable Summer with your little ones.
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I’m sure most of you can’t wait to send your kids off to nursery so you can once again enjoy some peace and quiet (just kidding).
Venturing out of the home and away from parents, whether it’s for the first time or not, can be a very unsettling experience for both children and parents.
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Therefore, to help settle your little ones into nursery we’ve created 5 tips to keep in mind:

1. Give yourself time

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  • Stay Calm and allow yourself plenty of time to get to the nursery and settle in your child
  • Put on your best smiley face.
  • If you are rushed, stressed or anxious your child will pick up on this and will less likely want to stay.

2. Preparation and Practice

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  • If it is the first time leaving your child at nursery, practice separations and reunions by scheduling a few hours apart with family and arrange play dates with friends.
  • Visit the nursery with your child before the big day so that they can meet their Teacher, explore the toys in the classroom or join in with an activity. They are more likely to be calm if they are aware of what to expect.

3. Establish Routines and be Organized

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  • Ensure your child has a good night sleep; children handle their emotions better when they are well rested.
  • Create a fun routine to say good bye such as a hug and then a funny phrase “Bye bye butterfly!”

4. Keep it Relaxed, Cheerful and Short

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  • Keep it Short and Sweet, stay positive and relaxed at Drop-off; avoid lingering and peering into the classroom.
  • Always say good-bye sweetly and with confidence (you can always cry in the car…we’ve all been there!)
  • Never sneak out!
  • After school, focus on the positives “Wow what a beautiful painting let’s talk about it” rather than “Why are you sad? Was someone mean to you today?”
  • If things are off to a rough start, validate feelings as adjustment can take time, from a few days to 3 weeks depending on the child.

5. Troubleshoot

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If adjustment seems to be taking longer than typical, try reading a book focused on nursery adjustment for example The Kissing Hand, or talk to your child’s teacher about considering an alternate schedule or available support.
Our caring staff at Little Stream Nursery will do everything they can to make the experience smoother and less stressful for parents and children alike.